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Learn how to use our "Grow Your Own" kits!

Don't fret, it's so EASY!

Scroll down for a step-by-step procedure of our grow kits.


"Grow Your Own" Mushrooms!

At the right time of year, growing your own mushrooms in South Florida can be a huge success!

We offer a simple, yet purpose driven growth chamber to accomplish the complex task of maintaining optimal growth conditions for these mushrooms.

Our ready-to-fruit substrate blocks are 10lbs and consist entirely of organic ingredients that will pump out beautiful mushrooms.

Our genetics are tested, proven, and always vigorous! We use these same blocks to grow the mushrooms we sell!


Conditions for your mushrooms


Lions Mane



Higher range of suitable temperatures


Too hot of weather will prohibit growth


On the back porch in the shade

Oyster mushroom demand constant fresh air, they might not grow well inside your house

Inside your house

Doesn't require quite as much fresh air as oyster mushrooms. To accomplish this, you can keep your growth chamber near a door that opens to the outside. Alternatively, if the climate is right, these mushrooms can thrive on the back porch in the shade.

Time till harvest

One week

After cutting the bag you will see growth in a few days. Growth happens quickly, so check twice a day! 

Two weeks

After cutting the bag, you will start to see some growth in about 5-7 days. There will be about two weeks until it is ready to harvest. 

When to harvest

When growth slows 

Harvest your mushroom before growth stops completely. Growth will begin rapidly, but will start to slow. At this point you can harvest and use your mushroom! 

When "teeth" become elongated or if mushroom begins to dry/yellow

Harvest your mushroom before growth stops completely. Lions mane develop teeth looking structures that release their spores! Teeth begin to elongate after about 2 weeks of growth. At this point you can harvest and use your mushroom! 


Mushrooms DISLIKE direct airflow (I.E. from a fan) as this will dry them out before they can mature.

Mushrooms DISLIKE direct sunlight, as this will dry them out before they can mature. Some ambient light is okay! 

Getting good at growing mushrooms takes time. Don't be discouraged if your first time isn't a success. You might become an impressive mushroom farmer one day!

-Any questions regarding your specific living situation and your options? 

-Any questions regarding the growth of your mushrooms?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on our instagram or through email on the bottom of our home page! 

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